INTERVIEW- Friday Feature Mixtape Vol.40- Dominic Ridgway (DUBKRAFT/ABSYS/TRIBE12/DIFFRENT/FLEXOUT)


Dominic Ridgeway (DubKraft Records/Lifestyle/ SILK RECORDINGS/ Absys Records/ Diffrent Music/ Plush Recordings/ Code Recordings/ Detuned Transmissions/ Digital Lab Recordings/ Flexout/ Rotation Deep/ Tribe12/Something Deep/ Violation Music)

We’re super proud to bring you our latest Friday Feature, hailing from South London, UK, is Dominic Ridgway. With his original outlandish style of ambient half time, and a mix consisting of solely original material, he is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Originally picking up some turntables for his 16th birthday, Dominic initially was collecting garage music, only to be absolutely gobsmacked by his friend playing Valley of the Shadows, changing his whole musical outlook. Dominic decided to start collecting drum and bass, and started playing around with various programs like ejay, not in a serious sense, but building all sorts of tracks (which he notes sounded terrible), but regardless of the outcome Dominic claims this gave him the foundations of sequencing tracks and loops. From these early attempts of his music production, he started using reason (again, claiming his results were terrible), but his ideas about what he wanted to make were already coming through. At this stage Dominic decided to go to university to study digital music, where he started using Logic, and to this day, is used regularly. Dominic’s university experience ultimately cemented the kind of sound he makes now. At the time listening to a lot of minimal techno and tech house, whilst at the same time Instra:mental and the whole Autonomic thing kicked off, very heavily influencing Dominic. He claims it is pretty evident of the stuff he produces today. Producing was a big learning curve for Dominic, when he started, there weren’t too many tutorials like there is today, so it was all trial and error for him, which he personally believes forced him to do something different.

A massive big ups to Dominic Ridgway for this mix, big tracklist, all originals, this one is special!

Who are your biggest influences?
Drum and Bass wise i would have to say Amit, Breakage and Calibre, as well as most of the early Hospital stuff. away from Drum n Bass, people like Phil Collins. Ive got a weird love for 80s music. I think its a subconscious thing as it was what i was brought up listening to. Ive also got a big love of techno, Gui Borrato and Robert Babicz were huge influences on what i do i think. theres loads more, TrentMoller, Omid 16b,Oxia, etc, etc, too many to list. Away from music i think life in general is my biggest influence, i see what i do as a sort of audio diary of my life, sounds random, but when i look back in the future, certain tracks will remind me of things in my life at the time i was writing them. gotta mention Massive Attack as well, has definitely influenced my music, possibly without realising it.

3 tracks tickling your pickle right now?
Vax-This Bridge. Released on Gradient audio recently, love the vocal. great track
DAAT-Phytochrome. Had this as a dub for a while now, absolutely huge track with a slight nostalgic edge. DAAT are on fire at the moment.
Fixate-Pum Pum. Recently released on Diffrent Music, so original i wasn’t even sure if i liked it, but its massive!! if you haven’t heard it its out now, go and but it. Puts a smile on my face when i listen to it

What was your favourite gig to play at?
I don’t Play out as much as people probably think, i tend to focus on production these days. If anyone does want to book me , get in touch through the obvious channels..

Any upcoming artists to watch out for?
Clima are doing some great things at the moment
Diffrent Music in general are going from strength to strength having just hosted room 2 at Hospitality.
DAAT are worth a watch, having just released an LP on Detuned Transmissions. Great stuff to come in the future.
Fixate. As i said before just has pum pum out on Diffrent and has a couple of colabs with chimpo on his Exit LP, so yeah I think he’s gonna be big.

Now, into the more serious stuff, Describe the perfect pizza?
anything with olives and pepperoni on!
Nachos or Burritos?
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 records would you bring with you?
Fugees- The Score
Phil Collins greatest hits
Massive Attack- Blue Lines


T.D.E.C Friday Feature Vol.37 – Bredren INTERVIEW

Check out the latest Friday Feature from none other than Belgian heavyweights Bredren!

1. Tell us about your sound. Are there any major influences or inspirations for the music you make?

This very same question has been asked before and it’s still difficult to give a decent answer. All 3 of us got different taste in music so we got a wide range of inspiration if it comes to that.

When we’re in the studio we try to blend those inspirations together. Most of the times this results in a minimal, deep tune (or at least that’s our goal!).

2. Describe yourselves in 3 words

Minimal, deep and dark.

3. What is your studio currently running? 

We are currently using Reason 6.5, Yamaha HS80 studio monitors and an external Tascam soundcard.

4. What artists and releases are you digging at the moment?

Kinda impressed by Gerra & Stone’s latest EP on dispatch, it’s pretty big! We’ve been digging Tokyo Proses’ album as wel lately when it comes down to the more liquid side of deep drum & bass.

To name another few artists who are really doing it for us atm: Fre4knc, Amoss, DBR UK, Interline, Young:G, Arkaik etc etc. Too many artists out there but you got the picture!

5. What has been your most memorable gig?

I think that has to be the set at the beach of Outlook Festival 2012. There have been a few other really good ones but just to pick one 🙂

6. Where do you see drum and bass going in the next 5 years?

To be really honest, I think drum & bass is taking a peak at this moment. Everyone has been experimenting by trying out all sorts of different beat patterns and trying stuff ’’no one has ever done before’’ but I don’t really see it changing a lot more.

Which isn’t really a bad thing, drum & bass is running pretty strong everywhere in the world. If we all try to keep the standards high like everyone always did, then drum & bass will never die!

7. If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose?

No clue to be honest! We’re not really in to collabs I suppose 🙂 But if we really have to pick one it would be Skeptical. He has been an inspiration since the beginning and it would be something really special to bring our heads together.

8. You’re stuck on a desert island and are only allowed to eat one type of food for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

Spaghetti bolognaise.

9. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Move from one place to another by snapping your fingers.

10. Any last words?

We are releasing our debut LP on Proximity Recordings on monday November 17th. The LP includes 13 solo tracks, a remix from Amoss and another one from Basher. We’ve been busy for 1 year now working on the LP and we are really happy of the finished product. You’ll hear some of the LP tracks in the mix so we hope you’ll enjoy! Big ups to everyone involved for making this LP happen and of course the Deep End Collective for this interview. Hopefully see you guys in Australia at some point!

T.D.E.C Friday Feature Vol.31- Coleco (INFLECT AUDIO/ MED SCHOOL) Interview


So! What got you into music, specifically production and mixing?

I used to play trumpet and dabble on the piano as a kid. I also got well into computers and stumbled across a very basic sequencer on the front on a PC magazine. It all went from there really. If you’re not into music you’re probably a very crude machine or someone devoid of a soul. I think it’s universal amoungst concious beings.

What are your main influences?

Drum n Bass, dubstep, grime, 8-bit/16-bit video game music, funk, hip-hop, and the dreaded ‘trap’.

Dope! What’s the weirdest thing to happen in the booth during a set?

I dunno if it counts as being IN the booth, but I did play quite an abstract and glitchy Boxcutter track in a small town Weatherspoons (UK bog-standard chain pub) where they usually play pop music. My friends were loving it, but the clientele either looked weirded out or like they wanted to kill me… was fun. In the same place I was playing funk 7″s and the bar manager told me “It ain’t jazz club y’know?”. Needless to say I didn’t last long there.

We’ve all had those shows, whats the best, and the shittest youve played?

Shittest? Well I did play on a system that I didn’t realise the tops and mids were no longer working for my whole set. I was basically unwittingly playing an hour of rumbling noises through 2 subs. In my position, with 2 full mackies pointed at my face, it sounded great! My girlfriend kept saying “TURN UP THE HIGH END!” and I’m raging back like “IT’S ON +12!!”. It wasn’t until I walked into the non-existent dance afterwards and was like “ah… ok” No wonder people kept walking out. Still, I got a bit of cash for it so fuck it. Best set so far was Soundwave 2014 Inflect x UTC boat party. Crowd proper lost their shit. I was quite scared of them to be honest, I thought the boat might get torn down in excitement. Every DJ on that boat killed it and the audience were fucking animals. Smashing times.

Cats or dogs?

Well I’m allergic to the first, and the second are… meh. Well, they’re both pretty cool I suppose, but I prefer seeing them on the internet, then you get just the best bits.

Would you rather be a taco, or an enchilada, why?

I’m always slightly scared with tacos incase they break off into razor sharp triangle knife-like things that stab and get lodged into the roof of your mouth. I probably bled as a child and are in some subconcious way deeply traumatised. So yeah I’d probably be the taco because it has that better defensive weapons against mouths that might devour me.

If you were stuck on a desert island, and all you had was 3 records, what would they be?

Oh this old one. They’d probably just be 3 different bi-aural beats so I could use them to facilitate meditating away from the island and into astral worlds. (yeah baby)

Your answers are the best hahaha! If you could be any pizza topping what would you be?

I’d probably be the meat that they hide under the cheese on ‘margarita’ pizzas, and chuckle whilst they serve them to unsuspecting vegetarians.

On a completely related note, if you were a sloth, would you climb a tree or a house?

Well there is probably more of a chance of a eucalyptus leaf being at the top of a tree than a house. So definitely a tree.

Rate your luck from 1 to Pharrell.

I don’t know what this question means. Erm…. Radiator? (Did I get it right?)

You nailed it! Kill one, F**k one, Marry one: Oprah, Tony Blair, and Lebron James?

I guess I’d have to fuck Lebron James, so I could marry Oprah for her money, and use it to buy weaponry to kill Tony Blair.

Well that was possibly the most entertaining interview we have partaken in! Check out Colecos Friday Feature below!

DBR UK Friday Feature Vol.29 Interview

We’d like to extend our warmest gratification to these guys for taking the time to do an interview with us, its been a while since we’ve posted anything from here! We’d like to welcome DBR UK to our online luxury office!

With affiliations with Dispatch, Renegade Hardware, Ingredients, and Architecture, ASIDE juggling Broken Audio themselves, these guys have been trudging around the scene for a while.

DBR UK has support from some big names in the industry such as dBridge, Loxy, Skeptical, Dub Phizix, Ant Tc1, Ink, Doc Scott, Bailey, Marcus Intalex, Ruffhouse, Klute, Ulterior Motive, Foreign Concept, Mikel, Raiden, Xtrah, Outrage, Dj Flight, Crissy Criss, Octane, DLR, Nymfo, Anile, Genotype, BTK & More.

An absolute STOMPER of a mix, big ups to Craig, Carl, and Dan, keep pushing those boundaries!

Introduce yourselves guys!

Craig Penman, Carl Nanton & Dan Myles

So how did you fellas first meet?

In Luton many moons ago at a local Pirate Radio station we used to play on called Raw FM (Big up the originals Torsion and FiveAlive)

So what first got you into drum & bass, and when did you guys start producing?

It was back in the early 90’s when it was the Hardcore/Jungle era, it was a new form of music which was so different to anything else out there at that present time, Its an ever evolving constantly changing reinventing itself style of dance music that always has the energy.

It wasn’t until around the year 2000, there was a game on the old playstation called Music 2000, a friend of Craig & Carl showed us a couple of tracks he had made with that program, after spending about a year messing around with it we realised we had to upgrade to some proper programs if we was going to do this seriously so ended upgrading to firstly fruityloops & reason before our final move to what we use now which is Logic Pro.

Real heavyweights! Whats your studio look like?

Two Mackie Monitors, SoundCard, Evolution Keyboard and Macbook Pro running Logic. Also 2x Cdjs, 2x 1210s and a mixer to test the mix and inspire.

I know its a hard one, but who are your biggest influences?

Bob James, James Brown, Bob Marley, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Biggy, Pharell Williams, Busta Ryhmes, Dj Premier….

You’ve recently released your “Say What You Want EP” on Dispatch, how did you guys go about writing those tunes, is there any specific rituals you go through in order to create your sound?

They kind of just came together really, we had spent a lot of last summer at our close friends Structured’s studio working on projects, we didn’t really have any direction on where to take it or what to write, They kind of just wrote them selfs, if you know what we mean, just went with the flow and didn’t try to force it. ‘Say What You Want’ was a kind of different track, it had this rolling kind of feel to it but not in your face, we had done some other tracks with a vocalist called Amanda Seal & felt it would sound good with a vocal over it so ended up showing Amanda and just said do your thing see what you come up with. Ritual wise would have to be our growls in our music & some special cigarettes to get us through a 10 hour studio session

Choose anyone, who would you love to collaborate with?

Daft Punk, DLR & Mako or Joey Bada$$

So what are some tunes your’e digging at the moment?

Acid Lab – Magnetic
Kaset – Submerge
Nymfo – Coming Through
DLR – Sense of wanting

Any all time favourites?

Silver Blade – DillinJah
Konflict – RoadBlock
Photek – Bleeps Tune
Optical – Shape the Future Remix
Goldie – Inner City Life

Whats the best and worst gigs you’ve played at?

Worst has to be the ones that have been set up with no monitor and your expected to mix, it’s a nightmare.
Best has to be Switzerland in lucerne for the mighty Phil Greider as a warm up for Concord Dawn. Wicked professional setup, sound check, Plush club with effects and engineers on point.

We know those monitor-less feels. Whats the funniest or weirdest thing thats happened to you at a gig?

Carl wore a punters union jack dress/top and was flossing round the club at Siren in Brighton with it on, or the time we was playing in belgium, it was about 6am and we had just played at a boat party in Liege, we stepped off the boat to head back to the hotel when all of a sudden this drunk guy had fallen through these railings which was above us, resulting in this drunk fella falling 6 feet to the floor and landed right in front of us.

Woah, thats heavy, what about your dream event to play at?

Annual Winter Music Conference in Miami

What do you get up to away from the loud noises?

Play chess and Draughts, Football, Smoking

Sounds healthy! Cats or dogs?


If you were stranded on a desert island with only 3 albums to listen to, what 3 albums would you take with you?

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights
Mary J Blige – What’s The 411

Any idea when you’ll make an appearance down under?

Hopefully soon after this interview and Mix haha 😉 , some point next year, if not before!

We have to make this happen! What’s the go for the rest of 2014?

We have another EP lined up on Dispatch Recordings which is due out later this year, it is made up of 5 tracks 4 of which are with Structured, it will also feature Amanda Seal & a ‘Shrapnel’ remix by Mtwn. We’ve got a couple bits lined up on our own label, Broken Audio, One called ‘Fog Off’ with Genotype & a solo track called ‘Sanctioned’. Another 12′ with Genotype called Zombies on Ingredients Records. We are currently working on our album for Dispatch which should be out next year at some point, so most of our spare time will be dedicated to that, it will feature a combination of sounds which we represent and make within the scene along with some guest collabs, hopefully it will also include a couple of other bits of music we work on outside of drum & bass, so we will wait and see. So between our album, Gigs, work & Craig’s missus expecting their baby we are all fairly busy for the rest of the year.



In such a short amount of time, the amount of support we have had from you guys to establish ourselves has literally been overwhelming and straight out ear to ear heart warming.

Mixed by our homie Elayche (big ups sire), we would like to thank everyone for the support, heres a mixtape that’s sure to blow your socks off, bombing us with some of the dopest and latest releases, literally fresh off the press.

Make sure you scope out Elayche, the man knows how to bring the fire, shaking subs in his path, with an artillery of different music.



Fre4knc coming through with this absolute stomper!
Digital d/l dropping soon on Absys Records




Yesterday the Chicago footwork/juke movement lost a true legend far too young.

R.I.P DJ Rashad. Your tunes will live on!




Skeptical goes in live for DJ Mag, this is too sexy.




Stray with the free download goodness!
Loving this one.




LX ONE going in!