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We’re back with our latest InDepth feature showcasing none other than Dutch badman TMSV!

Firmly established in the dubstep scene for several years, Tomas Roels, better known as TMSV, has decided to switch things up. After taking a few steps back from the music scene to experiment and search for a new sound to call his own, his latest output takes inspiration from jungle, grime, juke, dubstep and other bass music. No longer constrained by genre or tempo, TMSV’s sub-powered, percussive dread music is diverse, yet recognisable.

Aside from being a producer, TMSV is a perfectionist behind the decks and has torn up dance floors at renowned club nights in Europe and beyond. Not a fan of single-genre sets, he likes to play the wide range of sounds he’s into.

2016 is set to be a big year for TMSV, with numerous high-profile solo releases as well as remixes on various labels.

Check out TMSV’s exclusive mix for us below!

Fracture & Sam Binga & Rider Shafique – Bubble [Astrophonica]
TMSV – Send Them Come [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
Greazus & Sinistarr – Skankface [Diffrent Music]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – FullBones [BUNIT]
Itoa – Clap Tone [Modern Ruin]
Fixate & Hyroglifics – Daft [Unreleased]
Itoa – Top Deck [Bad Taste]
Poirier – Kypoli ft. Machinedrum & Aleisha Lee (Moresounds Remix) [NICE UP!]
Forest Drive West – Jungle Crack [Rupture LDN]
Unknown Artist – Shmurda Inna Dancehall [Dub Championz]
Sully – Hours, Miles & Still… [Astrophonica]
Fixate – Bandicoot [Exit]
TMSV – Guess What [Unreleased]
Chimpo – Stanna Stairlift [Exit]
Danny Scrilla – Riddim [Cosmic Bridge]
Disko Rekah Refix [Unreleased]
Redders – 96 In One (prod. Gorgon Sound) [Critical Systems]
Sam Binga & Om Unit – Reclaim [Critical]
TMSV – Jazz Error [Forthcoming]
Kromestar – Mere Sher (Danny Scrilla Remix) [Lion White]
Kromestar – Mere Sher (VIP) [Lion White]
Sir Spyro – Topper Top [Deep Medi]
Commodo & Lurka – Glue Sniff Riddim [Black Box]
TMSV – Shallow Breath [Unreleased]
TMSV – Prediction [Unreleased]
Roska – 480 BC [Tectonic]
Fujin – Roll Out [Unreleased]
TMSV – Aku [Forthcoming Tumble Audio]
Om Unit – Hidden Dread [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
Kahn & Neek – Backchat [Hotline]
Burial & Four Tet – Moth [Text]

We had a chat to Tomas about where his music is taking him, check it out below!

We’ve asked the crew here at TDEC what they want to know about the one and only TMSV.

1) So Tom, tell us abit about yourself and describe your sound in three words?

Hey! I’m Tomas, AKA TMSV. I’m 27 years old and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Three words: bass, percussion, imperfection.

2) Now let’s get deep and dark at what age were you drawn to electronic music production, and specifically what drew you into bass music production?

I got into production at about 16 or 17 years old. What drew me to it at that time was my enthusiasm for drum & bass, and my ever-present desire to create the
cultural things that I’m passionate about, especially music. I was introduced to dubstep in 2008 or perhaps a bit earlier, and producing that was so much more
fun and so much more natural than drum & bass production was for me at that time, that I finally took it a bit more seriously, and discovered that I was alright
at making beats.

3) Name an artist that has constantly inspired you through your journey as a producer?

I’m usually inspired by movements, genres and individual tunes, rather than producers. There’s been an incredible amount of inspiring music over the years, so I
can’t really answer this question properly.

4) Answered it perfectly, Can you give us a quick insight to your studio? hardware/software etc

I’m mostly software-based. I use Ableton Live 9, a lot of stock plugins, plus some VST(i)’s. I mostly write and mix on BeyerDynamic DT990 pro headphones. I have
a Maschine controller, some other MIDI controllers and keyboards, a Yamaha DX11 FM synth, a couple of Korg Volca boxes, a mic and a huge stack of awful vinyl
records to sample.

5) There’s a fire in your house, which 3 records make it out with you?

I can’t be specific and give my sampling sources away, but let’s say one African percussion record, one with solo flutes and one of those demo records they
gave away when stereo equipment started to become widely available.

6) Now why the recent move into the wide plains of the 160/170 territory? Dangerousssss

After becoming a bit disillusioned with music (mostly the dubstep stuff I’d been focusing on myself), at a certain point I decided to take a step back and
experiment with some other stuff. What came out of it was a lot of 160/170 BPM music, but recently I’ve been making everything from beatless synth tracks to
130 to 140 to 160/170 BPM soundsystem tunes. I’m not focused on one genre or tempo, I’m interested in finding my own sound, and in becoming the best producer
I can be.

7) Any new/up and coming releases/labels the fans should keep their eye on if they want to hear more from TMSV?

Definitely keep an eye on Cosmic Bridge for the next couple of months. I have a release coming out on Tumble Audio very soon too. The release will consist of 3
of my 130 BPM tunes and there’s some stellar remixes in there. Shout out to Rua Sound as well. More exciting news coming soon!

8) We met Welfare from Rua Sound at Outlook this year, top guy. Are there any artists outside of the electronic music scene that you would like to collab with?

I’d love to collab with Joe Dukie / Dallas Tamaira, the Fat Freddy’s Drop vocalist. Other dream collabs would be Deliverance era Opeth and traditional
percussionists from around the world.

9) Do you have a personal way around writers block, if so what might that be?

What works for me is to make tunes using an audio only Ableton Live template (so no piano rolls or synth UIs), with a timer set to one hour. The composition
and some sort of arrangement have to be done before the end of the hour. If I keep that up every day for a week or so, my creativity starts to open up again.
It’s about forcing it, really – For me, being an artist is not about random moments of inspiration.

10) What’s your ideal line-up, if you threw a clubnight with 5 artists, who would they be?

Commodo, Om Unit, Mala, Danny Scrilla (at least 50% beatless/synth set), Sam Binga. No tempo or genre constraints.

11) Without sounding vein, personal favourite TMSV tune?

From the past year: I’d say either Shallow Breath, Over Out or Calavera.

12) Where do you see the bass music scene in 5 years?

I see it becoming a bit more open than it used to be. There’s a lot of advice, video tutorials and blogs going around right now. I’m even working on a blog
myself. Furthermore, I hope the hardcore supporters for soundsystem music like dubstep and halftime/footwork jungle will unify into one strong scene somehow.

13) Amen, unity is what we need. That’s enough grilling, favourite pizza toppings?

This is by far the hardest question of this interview! I don’t really have any favourites, but good buffalo mozzarella and smoked ham are amazing.

14) Beer or Bourbon?

Nothing beats a great beer.

15) Canine or feline studio pals?

Feline, no question. Well, until they start getting hungry.

16) If YOU could be an animal what animal are we thinking?

Probably one of those crows that can use tools. Intelligence AND being able to fly? Sign me up please.

Thankyou Tomas, what an absolute pleasure, safe!