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We’re back with our latest InDepth feature showcasing none other than Manchester badman and LVLZ crew aficionado Jonny Dub!

1. Jonny mate, how’s it going? Can you tell us a bit about yourself and describe what Jonny Dub’s about in a few words?

I play music for pissed people and get paid to do it. Jonny Dub is all about the hugs

2. Let’s start from the core… you push a very ‘genre less’ agenda when it comes to your djing. You’ve been heavily involved in Manchester’s underground music scene for a minute now. What influences from this culture, drive the music you push?

Manchesters a smallish city but it has always had a lot going on musically, its never just settled on one sound or scene, so growing up here it has obviously influenced the kind of stuff I’m into. The main influences from this culture for me though are the people who are out there doing shit within the scene. Pretty much everyone I work with has been a part of the scene for as long as me (over 10 years now), and its been great to see how people have developed as artists, dj’s, producers, performers etc. Its a real source of inspiration and kinda keeps you on your toes so that you don’t get left behind.

3. Music you grew up with and what drew you to electronic music?

my parents weren’t really into music too much, like a lot of kids with non musical parents my early musical experiences were whatever was played on commercial radio, but it wasn’t until i was about 10 or 11 a neighbour gave me a tone loc album followed shortly by an n.w.a album, and at the time i had never heard anything like it. This kinda kick started my love of hip hop and i was crazy about it for the next 10 years or so. Thing about hip hop is that its a good introduction to so many genres due to the variety of sample sources producers were using. It really helped open my ears to new sounds and i naturally began to dig deeper. I think it was when i was about 18 though and started going to clubs that i began to develop a passion for electronic music tho. Plus the good thing about electronic music is that anyone with a computer can make it and as such its kinda blown the doors wide open in terms of new artists having fun and getting creative. These are great times for music, just pretty shit times for the music industry on a whole but thats another conversation.

4. We’ve noticed that you dabble in production. Given your sets are generally packed with variety, we’re curious to know when we will hear more from you & what to expect?

That’s a good question and one i don’t really know the answer to. I enjoy messing about with music but more then that i think i enjoy the technical side of things, engineering and recording stuff. so whether i will get round to putting stuff of my own out in the near future or whether i will just be working on other peoples music is yet to be seen. First and foremost I am a DJ and thats what i want to be known as though. Theres a lot of producers who are thrown into the DJ’ing world due to demand for their music and also to get paid, however Im the opposite of this really. I started out dj’ing before i ever made any music and for me thats how i see myself. DJ first, producer / engineer second. That said I do have a track coming out on a compilation soon.

5. You’re involved with Manchester’s two bit, up to no good, cheeky Levelz crew. You guys have had a lot of press lately, in the best possible ways. You seem like a good bunch of mates, but is there a story behind how you met?

We have known each other for years and all been doing stuff on the scene for some time, it was just the natural thing to bring it all together under one banner and see what fuckery we could get up too. Rich reason instigated it after coming up with the idea from a conversation with dub phizix and strats, but everyone felt that it was a good thing to do and jumped on board. The only problem is that with so many big characters in the group and so many opinions it can often take a minute for things to get done, but on the whole things are going well and we are having a top buzz in the process.

6. Red Bull just held their 2016 Manchester Culture Clash where Levelz came out on top. What was your feeling after this? It must be a wicked flag to hang high.

all our flags got stolen on the night. so the only thing we can hang high is the trophy which got broken and the letter “u” fell off on the night, which personally I love, we tend to break everything so its fitting we broke that. But it was fun winning the clash, and to be going against loads of our mates made it extra competitive but its all love and it shows what a good clash we can put on between us.

7. Any future plans with the Levelz crew that we can get an inside scoop on?

Got some videos coming soon plus some mixes and shit, and me and chimpo are doing a tour of Japan in May which should be fun. “chimpo” in japanese is a slang term for a penis so I’m gonna have loads of fun shouting chimpo all the time.

8. A couple of us here at TDEC were lucky enough to catch the Levelz parties at Outlook last year. We passed you after the Garden stage takeover and copped a big sweaty hug from a man in a half assed nun’s costume. The thought still makes us chuckle. Can you tell us how your 2015 experience was?

Well as u know it started out pretty wild, too much drinking on the flight over resulted in me running round the festival shirtless dressed in a nuns habit giving sweaty hugs to everyone. I lost my bag with my money, laptop, passport & phone in it that night, but luckily managed to get it back the following evening after a pretty miserable day trying to hunt it down with a stinking hangover. After that tho everything was top. The stage take over was loads of fun and it really felt like a total family affair all night as all our manchester mates were there doing cheeky guest spots and having a disco with us. My highlight was when Tyler Daley & DRS jumped on and did a rendition of the view live. Felt well special.

9. The whole crew seemed to be having a wild one. How taxing on the body is it delivering high energy shows all year round? And how the f*** do you stay on that level?

Smoothies, that and getting pissed always helps

10. On the same tip, what would be your dream venue or festival?

Dream venue for me to play would be anywhere in Perth……….. just gonna throw that out there.

11. Favourite cartoon, superhero and video game?

At the moment its probably rick and morty but i think i gotta wait another year for the next season, which is depressing. Superhero is probably one punch man. Caught the full first series of that and it just cracked me up. And video game is probably either battlefield 4 coz im a don and will put a bullet between your eyes, or mario 64, coz im a don and like eating mushrooms

One Punch Man is the one!

12. Biggest knobhead in the crew?


13. Fire in your house, which 3 records make it out alive?

non of them coz all my records are at my studio. but as long as i make it out alive this all that matters.

14. Beer or cider?


15. Do you like home & away?

Its a bit shit really, i preferred neighbours when i was a kid, but they both pretty shit to be honest. home and away has the better theme tune tho.

Cheers for putting up with us Jonny, much appreciated. Good luck with what you do best…

Make sure you check out our exclusive InDepth mix with Jonny Dub himself via the link below!


Azekel – New romance (Om Unit remix)
Illum Sphere – Ritual
Was A Be – Carcosa
Dub Phizix feat. DRS – do one
Sam Binga & Om unit – Windmill kick
Sabre – Yoga (Alix Perez club mix)
J Kenzo – Skatta
Dub Phizix feat. Ward 21 – Doberman
Baine – Benson
J Kenzo – Ruffhouse (Om Unit remix)
DJ Madd – Champion
Biome – Reincite
Sully – Rotton (sam binga remix)
Chimpo – Sneaky cheeky
Vince Staples – Street punks
Flako – Albedo
Addison Groove & Sam Binga – Thr3id
Fracture & Deft – I just
was a be – Switch
Roni Size – Brown paper bag (Photek remix)
Dub Phizix feat. DRS – Break the chain