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We’re back with our latest INDEPTH mix, featuring none other than 20 year old badman Crypticz! 

Recently being taken under the Diffrent Music wings, we had a chat to Crypticz about his music, what he gets up to aside music, pizza, and drum and bass heavy weight boxing matches.

So Jordan, tell us about yourself and describe Crypticz with 3 words?

Yo, I’m Crypticz. A producer currently based in a town outside of Bristol, UK. Three words to describe Crypticz? Me doing music?

Let’s start from the core, you push a very unique style of upper BPM music such as drum & bass/footwork. What were/are the influences that drive the music you produce?

Early influences for me when it came to writing electronic music was Dubstep, particularly the deeper, darker stuff. Especially Bristol based artists like RSD and Pinch. I also love what the London lot did, Mala, Coki, Burial (this guy is like in a different league all together though, for me!), etc.

When it comes to what I write now I like to think I’m influenced by everything I hear everyday. I listen to a lot of different styles of music. Been quite into new wave and punk bits and bobs lately. A bit of techno too but more recently I’m quite into kinda funky disco/house stuff.

When it comes to artists working in the same or a similar field as me a massive one was obviously Om Unit. I think that goes for a lot of people. I also draw a lot of inspiration from Moresounds, he is a great artist. Coleco has influenced me greatly and my path as a producer too. He helped me to get where I am currently. He will forever be a bit of a mentor for me with his advice and direction. I owe him a lot!

From your selection or genres did one really stand out therefore making more of an impact on your music or did they all come together at once?

I feel that, currently, the music I play and write is kind of just a coming together of all the different styles I feel represent myself as an artist delivered and presented in a certain way.

You recently turned 20! What age did you begin producing and when did you decide you wanted to put a lot of effort into it?

I did! I’m a real adult now, I have to try my hand at this real life thing… we’ll see how that goes! Yeah, I’ve been into music ever since I can remember and I first got involved with it myself through playing guitar but I didn’t start producing electronic music until I was 16. Hmmm, I mean, I think I’ve always put effort into it but yeah certainly lately I’ve been driven to push harder and further. I put quite a lot of pressure on myself at times I think. These days I am certainly the most dedicated to the craft than I ever have been. I think I have uni to thank for that, I’ve been given all this time and direction to focus on what I love and make what I want out of it.

You bursted into this music scene throughout 2013 what was the reaction when you have had support from artists such as Om Unit, Doc Scott, Chimpo and more!?

I’m still really stoked and surprised man! To have had these people supporting my stuff this year is a real honour and I’m just so pleased these people like my music. I’m super pleased that anyone likes it!

We’ve noticed you’re involved in the brand new label Sweetbox, it’s hard to discover more about it. What’s the direction of Sweetbox?

Yeah, Sweetbox is a mysterious little label running out of Bristol with a few people behind the project. The idea really is to just be a quirky, fun little label pushing out some good, interesting music. The first release is a two track single from my good friend and collaborator Lakeway and myself. It’s got that Bubblegum tune on it that people seem to be quite into so yeah, now you can get your hands on it! It’s also got a new Lakeway track called Guns for Hire thats been going down a treat. Both the tracks are in the mix actually, if you’re yet to hear them.

One of your latest release’s on inflect UK really caught our ears. Inflect are ticking every box in pushing new exciting bass music at the moment! What was it like working with them?

Thank you! I’m glad people enjoyed the release so much. I will pass the kind words onto Alex (Coleco) & Lorna who are the two behind the label, it means a lot to them too. In regards to working with them it was a great experience. Alex & Lorna are people I met around late 2013 through gigging and gradually, as I found myself in Bristol more, I came to know them both quite well. They are really lovely people with a real passion for music, my sort of people. I think working on a release with them went so smoothly as a result of this, it was nice to put something together with the help of two friends and I am still really proud and pleased with the final result.

Now if that didn’t perk up enough ears you have also been signed to London’s favourite giraffe obsessed twisted drum and bass machine Diffrent Music. Did you feel pressure working alongside the pink giraffes and putting out music next to such respected producers?

You know it man! When Chris (Dexta) first picked me up for Diffrent I was in that almost honeymoon like phase where I was just really excited to be working with him and his label and all was great. I worked really hard on the tunes and wrapped them up ready for release and that was that. Then, that was when my mind started fucking with me haha. Especially in the last couple months building up to my EP, I got really spooked about how my music would be received by the Diffrent fan base, I was worried whether they would actually like it or not. As you say the roster is so well respected within the underground scene with people like Arkaik, Fearful, Hyroglifics, etc.

Chris really has things on lockdown with the label though, I beleived in him and he knows whats right for the label and when. I figured he wouldn’t have picked me up if I wasn’t right. As it turned out it seems the EP went down rather well, I’ve heard really kind words from a lot of people which is really cool dude, I’m so pleased. I’m honoured to be part of the Diffrent Music family now!

Dream label to release on?

I really respect what Jim (Om Unit) does with Cosmic Bridge so I think it would be a real honour to be a part of that label. So yeah, thats probably one of the dream ones!

Where do you see Crypticz heading in 2016?

I can’t really give too much away at this moment in time but definitley look out for more music! Fingers crossed there should be a bit of vinyl poking around too if thats your thing. I’m very much looking forward to 2016. I’m sitting on and wrapping up a lot of material this summer and I can’t wait to have the oppurtunity to share it.

Ok, I’ll stop drilling you now.

Dream venue/festival?!

I think Outlook would be super great to play!

Describe the Crypticz creative space, where the magic happens?

I roll things pretty simple for now, one day I dream of having a sexy little set up you know but the money ain’t there for now!

I’ve got my laptop, interface, a little nanokey for playing stuff in and more recently got a launchpad for some fun times! Monitoring I primarily use Sennheiser HD558 Headphones but I’m also lucky enough to live at uni with good friends, one of which is another producer. He lets me use his Yamaha monitors A LOT. I think I’m correct in saying they’re HS80Ms… Maybe. I have a pretty love/hate relationship with them, they’re not the ideal monitor for me. I love the sound of Genelec monitoring. But I’m still super grateful so shouts to Lewis on that one!

Canine or feline studio pals?

Ohhh toughest question! I’ve got a black cat, who is a proper cool cat you know, so I have to be on his side and say feline. But lately I’ve had an almost dangerous love for Pugs, I want one of those some day, thats a cool dog, but perhaps not the most manly! I also recommend Giraffes as a solid studio buddy. Specifically, pink ones!

First choice, producer or Dj?


There’s a fire in you’re house which 3 records make it out alive?

What an evil question… I think if this happened right now I would grab:

Om Unit – Threads LP

Skream – The Shinein

Mild High Club – Windowpane

They’re not like super rare records or anything, just personal favourites/important ones to me.

Beer or bourbon?


Ultimate Pizza topping?

You know they do like brunch burgers? Imagine a brunch pizza. I’ve not come across that before, that would be big!

Who would win a 1 on 1 between Goldie and Doc Scott? No weapons.

Hmmm, tough… Going to have to say Scotty on this one I think, he is a bit of a don!

Thank you! Hope people enjoy the mix.

Much appreciated!



Om Unit – Ether (Intro Edit)
Hidden Turn – Dream of Tron
Heart Drive – Empathy Reeboot
Ital Tek – Shinra
Graphs – I Think About U
Iglew – Sleep Lighter (Crypticz VIP)
Danny Scrilla – Free Flight (ft. Om Unit)
C92 – The Startup
Nu Tone – Lightning (Sideswipe VIP)
Moresounds – Reality Tune
Crypticz & Itoa – MTD
Crypticz – Bubblegum
Danny Scrilla – Jello
Swayz – Rawdred
Red Army – Brevity (Epilleptech Remix)
J:Kenzo – Talisman
Apache – Gobo
Bad Graphics – Inside
Akkord – Back & Forth (Iyer’s 160 Edit)
DJ Manny – Off The Walls
Homesick – Babalon
Sinistarr – h3xx
Lakeway – Guns For Hire
Crypticz – Magnets (Moresounds Remix)



We’re back with our latest INDEPTH mix, featuring none other than 21 year old Denver badman Luke Bullock, better known as Binary. Binary has been producing now for a few years, under different aliases such as VALAC.

Recently being taken under the Encrypted Audio wings, we had a chat to Luke about his music, what he gets up to aside music, pizza, and Encrypted.

Check out our soundcloud, we’ve got a 60 minute mix full of fire from the man himself!

Binary Soundcloud:
Binary Facebook:
Encrypted Audio Soundcloud:
Encrypted Audio Facebook:


So Binary! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, my name is Luke Bullock, I am twenty one years of age, and I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Been producing for a few years under different aliases, Binary is my first solo project. 

So we understand you once produced under the name Valac with Matthew Philpott- Jones (Damnesia Vu), whats it like to be on the solo tip now? Is it much different? Do you find yourself managing everything yourself? Surely you feel the pressure a bit more!

Yeah I did, and to be doing the solo stuff is a bit more stressful, or at least it can be, but it is nice at the same time. Loved doing the collab, but it’s a good feeling to be able to know you have the ability and drive to do things on your own. Also, being on the label helps a lot, we all share each others bits and give constructive criticism or ideas to help finish them. And out to Matt!   

What made you choose Encrypted as your home turf?

Lots of reasons. Great group of artists, everyone makes huge tunes and are their own entity so the releases are always different. I also have always had lots of respect for the two boss men Tony and Rich a.k.a. Content and Deafblind, so last year when they asked to sign Matt and myself, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Big ups to both of them and everyone on Encrypted. 

Whats the dubstep scene like in Denver?

Unreal, we are so lucky. Sub.Mission is promoters of promoters. Their CEO Nicole Cacciavillano has brought and continues to bring some of the best artist through that I thought I would never get to see, let alone play alongside. Without her, Denver’s Dubstep scene would be non-existent. We have shows and line ups out here that other people from all over the US travel to just to see. And she has really matured the scene by always bringing good artists her whole career. Big ups Nicole! 

Give us an insight into your studio, is there anything you find yourself constantly going back to?

Nothing special at the moment sadly, I use FL 11 and have quite a lot of different vsts and plug ins. A pair of M Audio AV 40,s, a small generic midi keyboard, a Tascam DR-07 field recorder and my girlfriends Lifetime plastic foldout table. Planning to step up my game here soon after I move next month. I have had my eye on the Adam Ax7’s for too long so I plan to cop those soon. Also thinking about buying  a nice desk from Ikea at some point. And, something I always find myself going back to is Albino 3. I don’t use it near as much as I used to, but its my favorite vst. Rob Papen should have never discontinued it, it’s brilliant.

Is there any specific workflow you tend to stick to when producing your music?

It’s different every time, I try to render different synths and samples I’ve made before really starting anything just to have something to base the vibe off of.  

Are there other mediums that influence your productions?

Flim mainly, there are plenty of other things that help too but a dark movies with good score behind it are defiantly the biggest.  

Everyone’s always packing a tune that sets it off every time its played, what do you usually hide up your sleeve?

Content X Mesck X Deafblind – Fire Walker, Mershak – Perceiver VIP, Trisicloplox – Monolith.  

If you were offered to go to 5 destinations or festivals around the world, where would they be and why?

Berlin, Brooklyn, UK, Japan, and Outlook. Berlin, for all the techno, art, and because I haven’t been back to Germany since I was a little kid. Brooklyn, because Max And Evan from Subverse are killing it and I have always wanted to play out there. UK, because I have never been and have gotten bummed out on facebook because I see flyers for shows in London and Brixton that are ridiculous. Japan, for those BTC shows. And Outlook because I want to play on a boat in the Adriatic Sea. 

What would be your favourite show you’ve attended?

Don’t remember the year but Killawatt and Thelem a few years back and in 2008 or 9 Plastican and Distance. I was fifteen and it was my first show.

On that note, if you were to be booked on a line up and you had the choice to choose, who would you pick and why?

I think it be  sick to have all of the artists on Encrypted as a full lineup. It would be a lot of fun to have everyone together at the same time.

Tell us a bit about your influences, where do they lie?

Like I said film a huge thing, I love old horror and sci fi. But a lot my musical influences come from a lot of classical music. I grew up going to musicals and going to see the orchestras in town, and all that music has stayed very relevant. I listen to a lot of different stuff though, and I think you can find inspiration from almost any kind of music or genre, you just have to look around and find stuff that catches your ear. 

Do you find yourself being occupied by other hobbies? What are they?

Not really at the moment,  all my time is used up these days. Between my job, production, re watching all the Dragonball Z episodes, my lady, and just hanging out with people my days are shot. I wanna get into yo-yoing though.

Describe the perfect pizza!

That’s hard. Recently, I’ve been on the New York styled pepperoni, jalapeño, bacon,  but I have yet to have Had a pizza that’s perfect. 

Is there anyone you constantly find yourself looking to for inspiration?

Content, not only in his tunes but he has really been pushing me to move forward in my productions and create my own sound. I was in a music rut for months and he really helped pull me out. 

If you had to describe your sound in 5 words what would you say?

Techy, dark, bassy, heavy, and minimalish. Haha everything but minimalish sounds like a beatport sample pack. 

What should we expect from you in the near future?

Putting together a little EP that should be out in the not to distance future.  No bookings currently, at least that I know of, but that could change. And at some point farther down the line, I have always wanted to put out an album, so that’s a possibility.

Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us Luke, big up on the mix!