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We’re back with our latest INDEPTH mix, featuring none other than the Flexout Audio mafia, Retraflex. Also known as Tom Bassi, Stephen Dampier, and Joe London, these three are a package that have been incredibly influential over the past few years in the drum and bass scene. With some huge names crowning the scene as of late, eyes generally shift past the layer of underground circles that keep the Drum and Bass scene alive, well these guys are definitely pushing boundaries.

Seeking inspiration from labels like Metalheadz, Critical Music, Exit Records, Diffrent Music, Peer Pressure, IM:LTD, and Demand, Retraflexs’ involvement with drum and bass extends through numerous outlets, they both DJ and produce, they’re responsible for running nights that have gained a reputation as a staple for innovative music and a line-up of the finest of up-coming DJ’s, and a fair few of Retraflex’s releases have been on their own imprint, the highly regarded Flexout Audio.

Retraflex’s label Flexout is renowned for “it’s catalogue of creative genius and technical savagery”. The label pushes music of many varying styles – there is a common misconception where these guys are solid on the deep dark and techy tip, but ‘Logarithmic’ the debut Flexout LP definitely illustrated variety in taste. This is a label that undeniably delves into varying styles to purvey the finest of up-coming beats, we had a chat to Tom, check out the interview below!

1. Yo Tom! Let’s get straight to it what inspired the names Retraflex and Flexout Audio?

I wish I had a better story to tell you about this but its pretty boring, I was starting a new drum and bass club night and wanted to call it ‘Flex‘ as we always used that word to describe a vibe when having a mix, like ‘I’m on a liquid roller flex tonight’ but when trying to get the website had been taken and it instead offered us so that is where the term came from. As DJ’s we wanted to be called ‘Retrograde’ but there was another DJ duo doing house music that had called themselves that so we adapted it to Retraflex – not the best story behind a name ever eh haha.
2. Any story is better than no story, at least you guys keep it solid! Is there anything cool planned for 2015?
The highlight for us this year will be doing another Flexout Audio takeover at Boomtown festival, Arkaik who has nearly completed his debut Flexout EP will be joining us too and I haven’t seen him for about a year as he moved to China so I am very excited about that weekend.
3. Arkaik just slayed out a massive In Depth mix for us this week! China, what a place! On a completely related note, explain in your sense, the ultimate burger.
Good question, it would have to be using premium beef, all about the beef for me really. High quality meat is very important so maybe get like a cow that has had a lovely life in a field and they got it drunk before they killed it and gave it a massage. The you got to have a big old onion ring in there for crunch and bacon and loads of melted cheese. The bun is also important, it would have to be one of those really pretty expensive looking buns…
4. You got us drooling at the tip Tom, you should write menus haha. Is there anyone we should be keeping our eyes on that is making big moves?
Fre4knc, Amoss, Hyroglifics and Arkaik are the most exciting artists in the scene for me and in terms of Flexout Audio the debut EP from Taelimb & Conscience is going to be sick, those guys have mad skills and vibes for days.
5. Those guys have definetly been making big moves as of late and have been under our radar for sure, who knows we may see you here in Australia some time soon! On the note, explain your personal visual depiction of Australia in 10 words.
Snakes, big snakes, little snakes, dangerous snakes, I hate snakes.
6. Out of all the freaky animals we have you pick snakes, interesting, don’t get us wrong, snakes are creepy man. What would you like to see emerge from Flexout in the coming years talking long term?
It would be nice to get a family of 6 or 7 artists and to be able to put on big parties all over the world! Dream big innit!

7. That would be cool, the growth you guys have taken is big, we hope to see it only grow more! Now comparing Australia to England, would you rather eat a whole onion in the peel with our Prime Minister Tony Abbott, or get punched in the face by Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear?

I had a dream about Jeremy Clarkson last night actually, I was at the job centre with him looking for work…errrrrr raw onion sounds grim and Jeremy Clarkson is probably not very good at punching so I’ll take a smack from Jeremy Clarkson I reckon…

Well we’ll tell you what, we’re glad Jeremy isn’t in our dreams hahaha. Easy Tom big ups to you guys on such a rad mix!

Check out the links below!

Flexout Soundcloud ; @flexoutaudio
Flexout Facebook :
Flexout Website:


1. Conquest – Forever
2. Transparent- I’m Trying
3. Trashbat- Dreaming Of Fiji
4. Geode- Ruh
5. Kaiju- Silverfish
6. Howsons Groove- Say It
7. Everything But The Girl- Before Today (Adam F Remix)
8. Spectrasoul- Melodies
9. Perverse- Terrain
10. Transparent- Amorous
11. Skeptical & MC Fokuz- Structure
12. Quadrant & Iriz & Homemade Weapons- Pembroke
13. Alix Perez- Stray
14. Spectraoul- Tender Doubt
15. Chromatic- Dont Take Too Long
16. Alix Perez- Crooklyn
17. Transparent- Overload
18. Hyroglifics- Chit Chat
19. ??????- ??????
20. Philth & Bredren- Cetacean (Babylon VIP)
21. Friction & KTee- Overtime (Spectrasoul Remix)
22. Calibre- Put That Woman First
23. Breakage- Old Skool Ting
24.MIST ‘Clockwork’