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Hailing from a small town in Estonia called Tartu is our second In Depth feature. Thing’s inspiration comes from deeper, darker sounds of reggae and dub influenced music. He has always been a musical person, but has really turning things up a notch in the last three years.

Thing has seen some releases from some heavy hitters in the industry, for example, 31 Recordings, and Blu Mar Ten Music. Aside from that, he runs two record labels of his own, better known as Dubthing Records and Depthwise music. You’ll find most of Thing’s personal releases are under Dubthing records. His music is recognized and played by well-known names in the field such as Loxy, Doc Scott, dBridge, Gremlinz, Stunna and many others.

Have a listen to his mix and check out the track list as well as an interview below!

What’s up Kristjan! Lets get straight to it, what made you choose the name “Thing”?
K: It’s simple my first girlfriend gave it to me. 🙂

Well that’s pretty easy! Who or whaat inspired you to push your unique and signature sound?
K: I’m a big fan of reggae / dub music, maybe it comes from there, I dont know, but I think I’m just doing my own thing, that’s a really hard question actually. 🙂

We like to stump you guys! We noticed you on the 31 Recordings compilation, whats on the horizon for Thing in 2015?
K: The first vinyl release from my own label ”Dubthing Records” hopefully, some remixes and releases also through my own label, but they are all work in progress at moment so can’t tell anything! 🙂

Please keep us in the loop! On a completely related note, what’s your favourite pizza topping?
K: Bacon!

We condone ALL of the bacon. So when Thing isn’t making music, what things does Thing get up to?

K: When I’m not making music I’m working (LOL), from Monday to Friday , so it’s a pretty busy schedule. I also like photography cause my day job is to repair cameras.

Sounds like your life involves a lot of buttons man, but seriously thank you so much for taking 5 with us and supplying us a tight mix!



1. Photek – Infinity
2. Roy Apron – Two Theories (Overlook Remix)
3. Thing – Last Night
4. Digital – Gateman
5. Teebee – Redwind
6. Ruffhouse – Pellet
7. Jaydrop – Frame Scope
8. Skeptical – Imperial
9. Thing – Renew
10. Vromm – Prototype
11. Morphy – Shackles
12. Thing – One Nation Dub
13. Thing – Moments
14. J:Kenzo – Talisman
15. Clarity – Sombre
16. Monic – Habits (Monic Version)
17. Daat – Fridge
18. Instra:mental & Drkstr – Comanche
19. Thing – Minimal Theme
20. Bredren – Infamous
21. Hanover – Never Enough
22. Cern & Overlook – Nevada Ghost