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INDEPTH001: Gran Calavera


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We have some exciting things planned for 2015, and we’re so stoked to present you our new series ‘INDEPTH’.

This series intends to delve deeper into the depths of our featured artists musical taste, influences, own productions, secret gems, and dubs, and with no further adieu, we present to you:


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, there’s no doubt these guys are one of Perth’s finest talents on the rise. With some serious tight mixing, and a distinct deep and atmospheric sound in their production, we thought we’d kick this off in style with our favourite locals!

We took a few minutes to talk to the guys, have a look below!

What’s good Josh/Tony! Let’s get straight to the point, for those who don’t know you, what is ‘Gran Calavera’ ?

Just a couple of blokes from the Southwest coast of WA exploring the boundaries of 170+ bass music. Trying to convey our sense of fun along the way!

Awesome, that puts things in perspective! How did you guys meet? Did you initially meet with the interest of making music together?

J – Well I met Tony when we were both still at home in the south west as a couple youths, but we never considered working together until much later. It was only when we were both studying and living in Perth that we discovered that we both share an interest in both, bass music and in the production of music.

Can you give us a quick walk through your mix?

The start is a bit of a sample of the genres we like to listen to outside of the world of bass music as well as a few of our musical influences. The second half is more 170 based, but each artist included has specifically had a long influence on us whether it’s a current track from them or a classic. A few exclusives in there too!

It’s a strong selection guys! It’s no doubt you guys certainly have a niche taste, which we froth! Has it always been this way or has it developed over the years?

J – Our sound has certainly developed over the years. We dabbled in different genres for a while but I think it safe to say that we feel right at home making D&B.

T – Yeah we kinda came full circle from where I started DJing in my teens. After exploring a lot of different styles and techniques, we were stoked that we ending up back at the place of rugged, groovy 170. I was obsessed with labels like Ninja Tune in my early teens, so the UK influence has always been fundamental.

On the note of groovy 170, if we were to give you $50 and the number to Pizza Hut, what would you get?

J – 15 Hawaiian pizzas. Deep pan.

T – I have an agreement with Josh that I cannot say anything about Hawaiian Pizzas…

Man knows what he wants, maybe we shouldn’t ask! I think it’s pretty agreeable across the boards that you guys are heading in the right direction, has there been anyone special to influence this?

Hugest of shouts to Ekko & Sidetrack for their (love) and guidance over the years. Even though our styles differ quite dramatically at times, it’s exciting to mould elements of our sounds together. They have a huge year coming too.

Also to Tom and the family Flexout Audio. They are open to anything fresh, and a real quality label on the rise!

And the Perth crew and promoters who know who they are!

Its so cool to see the city buzz so hard off your vibe! Moving into your production though, is there any sense of vision you guys are trying to push forth with your sounds?

J – It might not be much of a ‘vision’ but I think just keeping it fresh with our production and sound is what we are always trying to push. I feel proud to be apart of the D&B genre and the people associated with it and I want to do my best to bring different sounds and styles to the genre to help continue its evolution.

T – Josh definitely nailed it. We always tend to look back a bit to get that proper rough drum & bass sound that we love, but at the end of the day, to us, it’s all about groove and weight, and conveying a sense of fun that I believe sometimes the more minimal of bass music genres can lose a bit of.

Speaking of evolution, if you guys were to allocate each other an animal to represent your interpretation of one another what would they be? Why?

J – Tony = Cheezleshark

Get a box of Cheezles and find out…

LOL! Again, not sure if we should ask, but we will definitely put the theory to the test. Do you guys know the feeling when you sit there listening to a song in utter awe, analysing every sound in the production, are there any songs that stick out to you off the top of your head?

J – Synkro – Progression

Just one of those songs for me that I find another detail almost every time I sit down and listen to it.

T – Anything by Lapalux for me. The way he swims in textures and pitched vocals is astounding to me.

So this year is proving to be pretty awesome already for music, do you guys have any movements? Or we keeping it ninja?

Stoked to announce we are kicking off with a 4-track EP on Flexout Audio! Which is phenomenal considering we have yet to have a solo release, and an exciting collab with Ekko & Sidetrack forthcoming!

We have a feeling there will be a lot of cool things to come out of you guys in the near future that is for sure, furthermore, where do you hope to see yourselves heading in the next couple of years?

J – I hope we are able to continue releasing music and spending time in the studio and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

Hypothetical situation, time in the studio is now time in a cage ring. Who’d win in a cage fight?

T – Easily Josh, have you seen the giant?

J – I wouldn’t be so certain.

It’d be some proper David vs Goliath business for sure! But seriously, again thank you so much for your time guys, what a mix to kick off the series with, you never fail to impress!


Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
Strategy – The Bleep Test
Skittles – Shottin’ (ft. Fox)
Cypress Hill – Illusions
Jehst – Poison
A/T/O/S – Run
Mick Jenkins – Vibe
? – ?
Om Unit – Understand
Chimpo – Bun It (ft. Fixate)
>>>Hyroglifics – Set It
Temple – Knuckle Head (Gran Calavera Remix)
? – ?
Spectrasoul – Glimpse (ft. dbridge)
Survey – Inhale
Dub Phizix – Narrow Eyes (ft. Fox & Chimpo)
Bredren – Source Code
Response – Surveillance
Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native
Break – Out Of Nowhere
Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music
Lenzman – Open Page (ft. Riya)
Stray – Matchsticks
Lapalux – Forgetting and Learning Again
Rob Dougan – Drinking Song





IG: @deependcollective

We’re back with our latest Friday Feature, we have been super excited to put this one out for a while now, hailing from the Hampshire area in London, we present to you Matt Weare, better known as Thelem.

After just touching down in Australia and shaking the dubstep scene back up nationally, Thelem is hands down one of our favourite producers here at The Deep End Collective.

“Through acute attention to detail and with precision bordering on perfectionism when it comes to creating and layering sounds, Thelem‘s tunes are a showcase of balance and a sense of control. Making sub-heavy music, but without overdoing the sub, he may be included in the new breed of producers who are more audibly influenced by the spacious sounds of early-noughties producers such as CyrusLoefah and D1.”

Thelem draws a lot of his inspiration from the earlier and more original sounds of dubstep. Sampling old sci-fi films, it is no doubt Matt has a signature dungeon sound.

Thelem has released music on both Artikal Music UK and Innamind Recordings, two of the heaviest hitters in todays dubstep scene, touring all over Europe, very recently North America, and only the other week did we just see him here in Australia.

Thelem has very recently dropped a clip featuring T-Man called “We Ain’t the Same” showcasing the evolution of Matt’s sound, we are super excited to see what 2015 has in store for Thelem!

A massive big ups to Thelem for taking the time to put this mix and interview together for us, seriously, look at that tracklist! We are looking forward to seeing you again here in Perth!


So Matt, it’s good to speak to you again! You absolutely smashed it here in Perth, but let’s get down to business, we’ve noticed you use to snowboard! What else do you get up to in your spare time?

Yeah I used to be heavily into snowboarding, I actually used to ride for the Endeavor Snowboards UK team, which not many people know. I’m not really too active now in my spare time lol. When I’m not working on beats I’m usually hanging out with mates, watching movies and all the usual kinda stuff.

Woah that’s a bit of an achievement! Well in that case, run us through your studio:

Right now Im using a Adam A8X Monitors, UAD Satellite, Arturia Mini Brute, Dave Smith Pro 2 and a Virus Ti.

What are your favourite gems on wax in your collection?

Probably some of the old Dmz and Hotflush classics I got when I first started buying vinyl.

We can’t argue with that! So to this day, what is the biggest highlight of your career?

I’d have to say the Artikal Music North American tour a couple months back.

One of us was actually arrived in California a couple days after your show in LA, absolutely gutted it was missed! In that case whats the best crowd reception you’ve received?

Tough question, been so lucky to have played some awesome gigs the last couple years, but again some of the gigs on the last North American tour really stood out for me. It’s hard to pinpoint the best crowd reaction but some of those really went off and were mental!

Thats cool man, they have an awesome vibe out there, what about the most important gig to you you’ve played to this date?

I’d have to say getting the opportunity to play FWD at Plastic people in 2012. I was honoured to get the opportunity to play there. I used to go allot and never thought I’d see the day I would get to play there.

Woah, that really is an honour! Howabout the most fucked up thing to happen to you?

First thing that springs to mind is from back in my snowboarding days many years ago. Some snowboard mates and myself drove up to Utah from California to film on some street handrails. One of my mates had a really bad crash on a rail and actually split his liver open, at first we thought he had broken a rib or something, but after the ambulance picked him up they knew it was something more serious. They did cat scans at the hospital and saw he had actually split his liver open, it was only a few mm away from the main artery that runs through it and he ended up intensive care for a while. We had to extend our stay in motels while he recovered in hospital for about 2 weeks, was really messed up as the doctor was saying how lucky he was. A couple of mates in the group had to get the rental car back to California as they were off to Austria while some of us stayed there to look after our friend in hospital. The guys driving back to Cali ended up getting stopped by police for speeding, they were underage for driving the rental car and the car got impounded and they were left stranded. Some friend from Cali ended up driving 10 hours or something to come get them. The whole situation was a nightmare, we ended up all having to spend the reminder of our money on fines and charges to the rental company and impound lot, in turn that cut our winter season short and we had to come back to the UK. That whole situation may sound far-fetched but it really was like something out of a movie, will never forget that lol.

Woah Matt, thats pretty hectic, that almost sounds like a movie script, on a total flip though, what meal does your mum cook best?

Definitely her lasagne.

We can’t knock that whatsoever! So in all honesty, what was your expectations of Australia? Have you heard of dropbears?

To be truthful I’m not actually sure what my expectations were. I was just really excited to see the country in itself and have the chance to play my music over there as I have never been that side of the world. Sadly I haven’t heard of dropbears, what is it?

Lucky you didnt meet any, they’re pretty vicious animals. So what is your favourite collaboration you have worked on?

Most likely “Kaba” with Killawatt.

Sweet! We noticed you dropped a track on the Artikal compilation, how does it feel being part of that, and who majorly influenced your production for that track? It’s pretty out there…which we love!

Yeah I was really happy to be apart of the Artikal compilation, I think it was a sick release and really showed varied styles of underground music from an amazing collection of artists. I’m stoked to be apart of that. I’m not sure who individually influenced me on that track, it more came from inspiration of playing around and making those gritty basslines on this synth, that then lead onto recording parts in and turning it into a full track.

Experimentation, we like that! We’ve seen you produce some killer tacks in the likes of both Dubstep and even some half time Drum and Bass, how do you get in the groove? Who and what are your biggest inspirations?

I usually start with a drum groove and go from there, once I got a beat down I’ll usually make a sound that will spark inspiration for a tune. Other times it can be tough and I will get stuck on a loop. At this current time I’m trying to draw more inspiration from across the board into my dubstep, I’m trying to take influence from other genres such a hip-hop, grime, broken beat stuff and incorporate it into my own music, I think its helping me to carve a more unique sound compared to my older material.

How about the video for ‘Bring Me Down’, what went down, what was your favourite part of being involved and what was with the face paint!?

I’m actually really happy with how that video turned out considering the time it was done in and our budget. Joao the guy who organised and done the video done such a good job, I can’t thank him and the crew enough. To be honest I wasn’t to involved in the actual filming as I’m not a huge fan of cameras, It was fun being there and watching it all take shape, it was also allot of driving and hard work getting everything and everyone to the abandoned place. The hard work from everyone payed off though. As for the face paint that was Joao’s idea to help give off the idea of the “cult” theme, which is what the video was about.

Well you definitely pulled off the cult theme, what a video! Do you have a wider array of genres you appreciate?

To be honest I like a bit of everything at the right time and mood.

As we say, good music is good music! Is there a subliminal meaning to your music? Are you trying to portray anything or help your listeners visualize something specific?

Haha I actually get asked this allot from various people, sadly though there isn’t really any subliminal meaning in my music. I try and build what flows at the time and go off that, I don’t think to deep about meanings I just try and make sounds that sonically work and fit together as a whole. Hope that doesn’t come across to boring lol, maybe deep down there is a subconscious meaning that is yet to be known?

Mate you’re nothing close to boring! We can definitely roll with that 😉 So what can we look forward to come from you in the future? Perhaps another sneaky collaboration or wax release?

Well I’m currently working on this album, which I apologise is taking so long but I want it to be just how I had imagined. However in the meantime there is a new 12” release in the pipeline that I will hopefully announcing soon!

We are definitely looking forward to that for sure, we’ll make sure to keep everyone on our side posted about that too! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us Matt, all the best for the future! 🙂


Check out this bad ass mix that Thelem has put together for us!


  1.  Boofy – Truncheon
  2. Soloman – Silo Hoe 
  3. J Kenzo – Expansion
  4. Skeptical – Talk The Talk
  5. Thelem – Foul Play
  6. Piezo – Space Conjectures
  7. Piezo – Wonka
  8. Skeptical – Something In The Sound
  9. Vexd – Thunder
  10. J:Kenzo ft Juiceman – Urban Gorilla
  11. Thelem – Latched
  12. Gantz – Elmo Rehab
  13. Sleeper – Fuck That Shit
  14. Gantz – Space Horror