Friday Feature Mixtape Vol.47- Vromm (31 RECORDINGS/VARIOUS PRODUCTIONS)

Welcome Vromm, lets get to business! So what first got you into drum & bass, and when did you start producing?

I was living in South Spain close to the Straits of Gibraltar. Living so close to an English colony gave me some English influences. I learnt to play vinyl at nine years old. Then, some friends started copying hardcore-jungle mix-tapes for me. Many people from the UK were living in La Costa del Sol which is very close to Gibraltar. There were many great raves and clubs along Malaga Coast where you could found all kinds of different musical styles evenwithin same place. People used to be really open-mind there during this period. Also I used to listen to and record the Steve Mason Experience radio show for BFBS Radio which I received from my parents’ house. All of these things encouraged me to start making music around 1993with Fast Tracker and Scream Tracker on Ms-dos.

What will we be hearing in this mix you’ve provided us?

Well, this is a mix I have tried to combine new and old music I like. There are some new tracks extracted from Future Beats: The Album (31 Recordings) and some dubs too. This is my way of seeing music right now.

Awesome, that sounds like a pretty cool past! Can you give us a rundown of your studio setup?

Today my studio setup is very simple with regards to equipment. I just use an iMac i7, my Motu 828 sound card which has been working now for over a decade, a few midi controllers, a pair of Dynaudio BM6a and my last acquisition: a pair of Audeze headphones which are really impressive!.

Cool! So what are your biggest influences?

Most of the electronic music from the late 80’s and early 90’s. From Detroit and Chicago Techno to Hardcore and Jungle and breakbeats (from the UK generally). Although I have always liked Jazz/Soul/Funk and Flamenco as well.

IWe can only imagine sitting on the coast in Spain listening to music like that! Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

I didn’t ask myself this question until my EP was released by 31 Recordings. This was when some good producers started to ask for collaborations. I come from a country where it was impossible to find people making electronic music when I started, so I am used to making music alone. Anyway there are producers I think I would like to collab with in the future like Jaydrop, Overlook, Cern, Eric Volta, to name a few…

Definetly keep us in the loop if those collaborations happen,! What are some tracks you are digging at the moment?

-Cern & Overlook – Nevada Ghost

-The Untouchables – Septimus

-Gremlinz & No Rules – Water

-Loxy & Resound – Purity

-Eastern District – Eight Days

-Moresounds – Rahstok

And your all time favourites?

A lot!. :). To name a few:


-The House Crew – The Theme

-Manix – Special Request

-The Scientist – The Bee

-Princess of the Posse – Do the Right Ting

-Thursday Club – A Place Called Acid

So we’re sure you’ve played a wide array of gigs, which was the best, and which was the worst??

Best: FIB Benicassim 2000 and 2002 and Nature Club Madrid 97-2000.


Worst: A few, but I think I deleted them from my mind the day after so I can’t remember them anymore.

Hahahahaha howabout the funniest thing that’s happened at a gig?

Someone dropped a drink on the turntable while I was playing but the music didn’t stop!.

What! That’s pretty lucky hahaha!! What about your dream event to play at?

I am sure there are a lot more but I would say, Dimensions, Overlook Festival, Sonar and Burning Man. Also I’d like to go on tour to Australia! 🙂

Aiming big! We’d love to see you here man, so what do you get up to away from the loud noises?

Nothing, just make music! :). Nah, seriously, at the moment I don’t have enough time to do anything else but I’d really like to draw again, I used to do illustrations in my hometown using airbrush.

On a total side note, cats or dogs?


If you were stranded on a desert island with only 3 albums to listen to, what 3 albums would you take with you?


-Amon Tobin – Isam

-Miles Davis – Kind of Blues

-Roy Hargrove – Hard Groove

That’s quite the contrast! Finally what does Vromm have planned for the rest of 2014 and into 2015?

Keep making music!. :). I need to finish lots of tunes! For 2015 I have a few releases forthcoming with 31 Recordings and also something else very special but I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention it here at the moment. But I am really excited about them! 🙂

Thanks again Alvaro!

Thanks to youguys too, 🙂


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