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INTERVIEW- Friday Feature Mixtape Vol.40- Dominic Ridgway (DUBKRAFT/ABSYS/TRIBE12/DIFFRENT/FLEXOUT)


Dominic Ridgeway (DubKraft Records/Lifestyle/ SILK RECORDINGS/ Absys Records/ Diffrent Music/ Plush Recordings/ Code Recordings/ Detuned Transmissions/ Digital Lab Recordings/ Flexout/ Rotation Deep/ Tribe12/Something Deep/ Violation Music)

We’re super proud to bring you our latest Friday Feature, hailing from South London, UK, is Dominic Ridgway. With his original outlandish style of ambient half time, and a mix consisting of solely original material, he is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Originally picking up some turntables for his 16th birthday, Dominic initially was collecting garage music, only to be absolutely gobsmacked by his friend playing Valley of the Shadows, changing his whole musical outlook. Dominic decided to start collecting drum and bass, and started playing around with various programs like ejay, not in a serious sense, but building all sorts of tracks (which he notes sounded terrible), but regardless of the outcome Dominic claims this gave him the foundations of sequencing tracks and loops. From these early attempts of his music production, he started using reason (again, claiming his results were terrible), but his ideas about what he wanted to make were already coming through. At this stage Dominic decided to go to university to study digital music, where he started using Logic, and to this day, is used regularly. Dominic’s university experience ultimately cemented the kind of sound he makes now. At the time listening to a lot of minimal techno and tech house, whilst at the same time Instra:mental and the whole Autonomic thing kicked off, very heavily influencing Dominic. He claims it is pretty evident of the stuff he produces today. Producing was a big learning curve for Dominic, when he started, there weren’t too many tutorials like there is today, so it was all trial and error for him, which he personally believes forced him to do something different.

A massive big ups to Dominic Ridgway for this mix, big tracklist, all originals, this one is special!

Who are your biggest influences?
Drum and Bass wise i would have to say Amit, Breakage and Calibre, as well as most of the early Hospital stuff. away from Drum n Bass, people like Phil Collins. Ive got a weird love for 80s music. I think its a subconscious thing as it was what i was brought up listening to. Ive also got a big love of techno, Gui Borrato and Robert Babicz were huge influences on what i do i think. theres loads more, TrentMoller, Omid 16b,Oxia, etc, etc, too many to list. Away from music i think life in general is my biggest influence, i see what i do as a sort of audio diary of my life, sounds random, but when i look back in the future, certain tracks will remind me of things in my life at the time i was writing them. gotta mention Massive Attack as well, has definitely influenced my music, possibly without realising it.

3 tracks tickling your pickle right now?
Vax-This Bridge. Released on Gradient audio recently, love the vocal. great track
DAAT-Phytochrome. Had this as a dub for a while now, absolutely huge track with a slight nostalgic edge. DAAT are on fire at the moment.
Fixate-Pum Pum. Recently released on Diffrent Music, so original i wasn’t even sure if i liked it, but its massive!! if you haven’t heard it its out now, go and but it. Puts a smile on my face when i listen to it

What was your favourite gig to play at?
I don’t Play out as much as people probably think, i tend to focus on production these days. If anyone does want to book me , get in touch through the obvious channels..

Any upcoming artists to watch out for?
Clima are doing some great things at the moment
Diffrent Music in general are going from strength to strength having just hosted room 2 at Hospitality.
DAAT are worth a watch, having just released an LP on Detuned Transmissions. Great stuff to come in the future.
Fixate. As i said before just has pum pum out on Diffrent and has a couple of colabs with chimpo on his Exit LP, so yeah I think he’s gonna be big.

Now, into the more serious stuff, Describe the perfect pizza?
anything with olives and pepperoni on!
Nachos or Burritos?
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 records would you bring with you?
Fugees- The Score
Phil Collins greatest hits
Massive Attack- Blue Lines