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T.D.E.C Friday Feature Vol.31- Coleco (INFLECT AUDIO/ MED SCHOOL) Interview


So! What got you into music, specifically production and mixing?

I used to play trumpet and dabble on the piano as a kid. I also got well into computers and stumbled across a very basic sequencer on the front on a PC magazine. It all went from there really.┬áIf you’re not into music you’re probably a very crude machine or someone devoid of a soul. I think it’s universal amoungst concious beings.

What are your main influences?

Drum n Bass, dubstep, grime, 8-bit/16-bit video game music, funk, hip-hop, and the dreaded ‘trap’.

Dope! What’s the weirdest thing to happen in the booth during a set?

I dunno if it counts as being IN the booth, but I did play quite an abstract and glitchy Boxcutter track in a small town Weatherspoons (UK bog-standard chain pub) where they usually play pop music. My friends were loving it, but the clientele either looked weirded out or like they wanted to kill me… was fun. In the same place I was playing funk 7″s and the bar manager told me “It ain’t jazz club y’know?”. Needless to say I didn’t last long there.

We’ve all had those shows, whats the best, and the shittest youve played?

Shittest? Well I did play on a system that I didn’t realise the tops and mids were no longer working for my whole set. I was basically unwittingly playing an hour of rumbling noises through 2 subs. In my position, with 2 full mackies pointed at my face, it sounded great! My girlfriend kept saying “TURN UP THE HIGH END!” and I’m raging back like “IT’S ON +12!!”. It wasn’t until I walked into the non-existent dance afterwards and was like “ah… ok” No wonder people kept walking out. Still, I got a bit of cash for it so fuck it. Best set so far was Soundwave 2014 Inflect x UTC boat party. Crowd proper lost their shit. I was quite scared of them to be honest, I thought the boat might get torn down in excitement. Every DJ on that boat killed it and the audience were fucking animals. Smashing times.

Cats or dogs?

Well I’m allergic to the first, and the second are… meh. Well, they’re both pretty cool I suppose, but I prefer seeing them on the internet, then you get just the best bits.

Would you rather be a taco, or an enchilada, why?

I’m always slightly scared with tacos incase they break off into razor sharp triangle knife-like things that stab and get lodged into the roof of your mouth. I probably bled as a child and are in some subconcious way deeply traumatised. So yeah I’d probably be the taco because it has that better defensive weapons against mouths that might devour me.

If you were stuck on a desert island, and all you had was 3 records, what would they be?

Oh this old one. They’d probably just be 3 different bi-aural beats so I could use them to facilitate meditating away from the island and into astral worlds. (yeah baby)

Your answers are the best hahaha! If you could be any pizza topping what would you be?

I’d probably be the meat that they hide under the cheese on ‘margarita’ pizzas, and chuckle whilst they serve them to unsuspecting vegetarians.

On a completely related note, if you were a sloth, would you climb a tree or a house?

Well there is probably more of a chance of a eucalyptus leaf being at the top of a tree than a house. So definitely a tree.

Rate your luck from 1 to Pharrell.

I don’t know what this question means. Erm…. Radiator? (Did I get it right?)

You nailed it! Kill one, F**k one, Marry one: Oprah, Tony Blair, and Lebron James?

I guess I’d have to fuck Lebron James, so I could marry Oprah for her money, and use it to buy weaponry to kill Tony Blair.

Well that was possibly the most entertaining interview we have partaken in! Check out Colecos Friday Feature below!