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DBR UK Friday Feature Vol.29 Interview

We’d like to extend our warmest gratification to these guys for taking the time to do an interview with us, its been a while since we’ve posted anything from here! We’d like to welcome DBR UK to our online luxury office!

With affiliations with Dispatch, Renegade Hardware, Ingredients, and Architecture, ASIDE juggling Broken Audio themselves, these guys have been trudging around the scene for a while.

DBR UK has support from some big names in the industry such as dBridge, Loxy, Skeptical, Dub Phizix, Ant Tc1, Ink, Doc Scott, Bailey, Marcus Intalex, Ruffhouse, Klute, Ulterior Motive, Foreign Concept, Mikel, Raiden, Xtrah, Outrage, Dj Flight, Crissy Criss, Octane, DLR, Nymfo, Anile, Genotype, BTK & More.

An absolute STOMPER of a mix, big ups to Craig, Carl, and Dan, keep pushing those boundaries!

Introduce yourselves guys!

Craig Penman, Carl Nanton & Dan Myles

So how did you fellas first meet?

In Luton many moons ago at a local Pirate Radio station we used to play on called Raw FM (Big up the originals Torsion and FiveAlive)

So what first got you into drum & bass, and when did you guys start producing?

It was back in the early 90’s when it was the Hardcore/Jungle era, it was a new form of music which was so different to anything else out there at that present time, Its an ever evolving constantly changing reinventing itself style of dance music that always has the energy.

It wasn’t until around the year 2000, there was a game on the old playstation called Music 2000, a friend of Craig & Carl showed us a couple of tracks he had made with that program, after spending about a year messing around with it we realised we had to upgrade to some proper programs if we was going to do this seriously so ended upgrading to firstly fruityloops & reason before our final move to what we use now which is Logic Pro.

Real heavyweights! Whats your studio look like?

Two Mackie Monitors, SoundCard, Evolution Keyboard and Macbook Pro running Logic. Also 2x Cdjs, 2x 1210s and a mixer to test the mix and inspire.

I know its a hard one, but who are your biggest influences?

Bob James, James Brown, Bob Marley, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Biggy, Pharell Williams, Busta Ryhmes, Dj Premier….

You’ve recently released your “Say What You Want EP” on Dispatch, how did you guys go about writing those tunes, is there any specific rituals you go through in order to create your sound?

They kind of just came together really, we had spent a lot of last summer at our close friends Structured’s studio working on projects, we didn’t really have any direction on where to take it or what to write, They kind of just wrote them selfs, if you know what we mean, just went with the flow and didn’t try to force it. ‘Say What You Want’ was a kind of different track, it had this rolling kind of feel to it but not in your face, we had done some other tracks with a vocalist called Amanda Seal & felt it would sound good with a vocal over it so ended up showing Amanda and just said do your thing see what you come up with. Ritual wise would have to be our growls in our music & some special cigarettes to get us through a 10 hour studio session

Choose anyone, who would you love to collaborate with?

Daft Punk, DLR & Mako or Joey Bada$$

So what are some tunes your’e digging at the moment?

Acid Lab – Magnetic
Kaset – Submerge
Nymfo – Coming Through
DLR – Sense of wanting

Any all time favourites?

Silver Blade – DillinJah
Konflict – RoadBlock
Photek – Bleeps Tune
Optical – Shape the Future Remix
Goldie – Inner City Life

Whats the best and worst gigs you’ve played at?

Worst has to be the ones that have been set up with no monitor and your expected to mix, it’s a nightmare.
Best has to be Switzerland in lucerne for the mighty Phil Greider as a warm up for Concord Dawn. Wicked professional setup, sound check, Plush club with effects and engineers on point.

We know those monitor-less feels. Whats the funniest or weirdest thing thats happened to you at a gig?

Carl wore a punters union jack dress/top and was flossing round the club at Siren in Brighton with it on, or the time we was playing in belgium, it was about 6am and we had just played at a boat party in Liege, we stepped off the boat to head back to the hotel when all of a sudden this drunk guy had fallen through these railings which was above us, resulting in this drunk fella falling 6 feet to the floor and landed right in front of us.

Woah, thats heavy, what about your dream event to play at?

Annual Winter Music Conference in Miami

What do you get up to away from the loud noises?

Play chess and Draughts, Football, Smoking

Sounds healthy! Cats or dogs?


If you were stranded on a desert island with only 3 albums to listen to, what 3 albums would you take with you?

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights
Mary J Blige – What’s The 411

Any idea when you’ll make an appearance down under?

Hopefully soon after this interview and Mix haha 😉 , some point next year, if not before!

We have to make this happen! What’s the go for the rest of 2014?

We have another EP lined up on Dispatch Recordings which is due out later this year, it is made up of 5 tracks 4 of which are with Structured, it will also feature Amanda Seal & a ‘Shrapnel’ remix by Mtwn. We’ve got a couple bits lined up on our own label, Broken Audio, One called ‘Fog Off’ with Genotype & a solo track called ‘Sanctioned’. Another 12′ with Genotype called Zombies on Ingredients Records. We are currently working on our album for Dispatch which should be out next year at some point, so most of our spare time will be dedicated to that, it will feature a combination of sounds which we represent and make within the scene along with some guest collabs, hopefully it will also include a couple of other bits of music we work on outside of drum & bass, so we will wait and see. So between our album, Gigs, work & Craig’s missus expecting their baby we are all fairly busy for the rest of the year.