We’re back, and with Benny P on the feature, your weekend is definitely about to get started. This ghetto ass blazer has gone in crossing a whole bunch of genres for us this week.

Have a listen, scope out his page, leave some love.



When did you pick up the 1s and 2s and why?
TLDR; Started listening to DnB early in high school, few mates had setups and were into scratching, copped mine in year 10 and just messed around for a few years.

What set up are you currently running?
At home just running with a pair of Vestax PDX2000’s, ttm56 and SL1. Starting to move towards CDJ’s and Thumbsticks, nothing better than just rocking into a venue with just my keys and borrowing someones headphones haha

Aside your music what do you do?
By day i’m a computer guy for a large mining company

Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?
Dr Pepper for sure! Just used some this morning to cook up some pulled pork for Jurassic 5 pre’s!

Genres that have you buzzing at the moment?
Everything really man, Hip Hop has always been a staple but mostly what you hear in my sets, Grimy dub, Dnb, Breakbeat has been really exciting at the moment with all the miami booty bass sounds coming through, starting to get into a lot of garage and deep house at the minute too.

What do your farts smell like?
Cinnamon Buns.

Do you sniff them?
Theres always a bit of collateral damage in a Dutch oven. Comes with the territory.

Any memorable gigs that come to mind? Who have you supported in the past?
Probably my most memorable supports so far have been Peanut Butter Wolf, Z-trip and Lunice.

What’s the wackest thing thats happened to you in the booth?
Genga booty popping and twerking on me while im trying to mix, then again.. if you know Genga that isn’t that weird.

If you were a pizza deliveryman how would you benefit from scissors?
Tips. All of the tips. That and actually cutting the god damn pizza properly.

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?
ToTo – Africa

Would you rather fight Bigfoot in a cage match or get violated by a unicorn?
BigFoot for sure, Just in the hope it turns out to be Sassy the Sasquatch.


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