Sistym has gone in deep for us with this one, in our oppinion one of the more talented, if not most talented female dj in the scene with a beautiful track selection and a constant wall of sound, be sure to check out her page, give her a like, leave the lady some love.


Where did you get the name Sistym?
It’s a combination of the words “System” and “Sister”, I wanted a name that suggested I was a female DJ but didn’t want anything that sounded too obvious and gimmicky

Any specific artists that influence your style?
Artists such as Alix Perez, dBridge, Lenzman, Calibre, S.P.Y and ARP XP are a big inspiration to my style – Deep rollers, liquid and organic sounds all the way! Chris SU is also one of my favourite producers because he can convey an incredible amount of emotion in his tunes that are a fine balance of being dance-floor friendly but at the same time aren’t cheesy and unbearable to hear after the 100th time you’ve played them out. I also have a soft spot for Kiwi DNB artists – It’s rare that I won’t include a State of Mind track in a set. So many DNB producers from NZ just have a knack of making tunes that have depth and musicality but have a punchy and heavy edge to them as well.

Lately I’ve really been digging Sam Binga and Stray’s work – I love that quirky more experimental bass music that doesn’t really fit into the confines of one genre. The Critical podcasts on Rinse FM are something I look forward to listening to for inspiration and it’s so rewarding when you finally discover the name of a tune in a mix you’ve had on repeat for ages

Outside of drum and bass, one of my other favourite artists of all time is Air – can’t go too wrong with dreamy French electronica. Jurassic 5 is also up there.

Whats the weirdest thing thats happened to you in the booth?
Gracie and I were playing at Listen Out festival and a girl who we’d never seen before in our lives pretended she had left her bag backstage to get past security. She then asked me where the microphone was and if she could sing for us. We politely declined….

Where do you see Perth going? Any locals we should keep our eyes on?
Perth is pretty much the epicentre of drum and bass in the Southern hemisphere and I can’t see that changing any time soon! There’s a big community who are extremely passionate about the genre and it’s awesome to see talent that originated from Perth getting put progressively more on everyone’s radars with guys like ShockOne getting recognition on JJJ and the ARIA charts. Local DNB producers who are making moves in my opinion are guys like Rregula, VLTRN and Spillage. I tend to view Perth as a big country town (everyone knows someone through someone else, especially in the electronic music scene) but it’s so amazingly concentrated with creative talent.

What’s your favourite food?
Any Vietnamese dish! Light, simple and involves copious amounts of chilli.

Any artists you consider guilty pleasures?
DJ Yolo Bear. Shit you would dance stupidly to when you’re very drunk but the next day pretend you didn’t enjoy it as much as you really did. (Look up the track Brandy Vs Whitney). Also any artist listed in the Fresh Hits ’98 album.



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