This week we have local honcho and Shape resident Stone has jumped on an hour of deep liquid rollers for us this week, double drops and vibes PACKKKED!

blaze one to this, srs.

So Stone, when did you pick up the decks and what got you into mixing? Is it just a hobby, or do you want to take it further? 

 I started mixing when I was sixteen, my best friend and a small group of us formed a collective called Bass Brother United. We pretty much just did house parties for six years. It was such a great time and good learning opportunity for me because now I have a good understanding of how to setup my own DJ gear, sound systems and a little about lighting. Music has always been for fun and I promised myself if I didn’t enjoy it I would stop…. but I would love so much to have an EP completed.

 Any specific producers/DJs you look up to? 

 There are few people I truly don’t have respect for in music purely because everyone is so great in their own way. The international artists that have really changed my perspective though for various reasons have been; Phaeleh, J:Kenzo, Andy C, DJ EZ, Rahzel and DJ Qbert. I used to sit and watch Qbert videos for hours in my room intertwined with beatbox battles so Rahzel is an obvious choice Phaeleh makes beautiful music, trully a great producer and it’s obvious why anyone would like Andy C and DJ EZ…they are mixing legends. J:Kenzo…well at heart I love deeper dubstep and he nailed it for me.

On the local lineup: Zeke, Micah and Spectrem. Zeke has been such a great friend to me through the years and by far Perths greatest DJ…he’s got such a lovely attitude towards people and is so determined, he deserves all he gets. Without Micah Perth wouldn’t have a lot of it’s electronic music scene. Spectrem is new to the bill but I’ve known Ben for years. What he has achieved is admirable and he’s also a really good breakdancer.

What do you do with yourself aside from the 1s and 2s?

I am a Nurse….yep. Usually surprises people. I work with children in an Emergency Department. I have also recently been working with students in two universities in WA. It’s the greatest job. I also play random sports but that’s another story.

Do you find it difficult to balance music, and the rest of your life? 

 I actually find shift work works in my favour. I can sort of roster myself around stuff most of the time. I wish I had more time to focus on production but I do what I can and I enjoy it.

What personal advice would you give a beginner wanting to pursue a career in music? 

Just be yourself!…that’s also my only dating advice.

But seriously….don’t play what everyone’s playing just to be noticed, play what you enjoy and play it well. Don’t get sucked into taking drugs like everyone else, don’t smoke, don’t pester the DJ playing cause you want to play fifteen minutes and get to know the people in the scene, everyone’s generally cool!

How important is your image to you? 

 Zero. I’ve never conformed. I have always done random things and amongst my peers DJing was one of them.

Do you find yourself networking a lot in hopes to pursue a bigger career in music? 

I built a solid network over in the UK with some of the largest labels in DnB and Dubstep but I have never used that as a reason to get gigs (oh except I did embarrassingly MC to thousands of people one night in which Knife Party happened to be headlining). After meeting the head honchos of  labels like: UKF. Inspected, Drum and Bass Arena, Subsoul and Skank and Bass, I felt much more happier just enjoying spending time around the promoters, and the DJ’s/MC’s without a selfish undertone….now I have really good friends who share similar interests.

Where and when was your first gig? Did you find it daunting?

My first proper DJ gig was upstairs at Bar Open for “Steppin Out” hosted by Watt Hz. It was a dubstep night and local legend DYP was playing after me. At that point I was intimidated by him haha but we ended up playing some great back to back sets for a couple of years at the DeadWeight , Inhibit and Night Class gigs. I guess I was fairly comfortable after playing so many house parties… I mean what can be more annoying than DJing to a demographic that includes 15-60yr olds, both male and female….from the city to the country and of every musical taste imaginable.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had whilst playing a set? 

Elayche punched me in the eye 2 months ago when we were going back to back at Big Ape. It’s ok, I have something planned for our next set.

LOL! Have you had any bogus requests? How do you deal with them? 

Many….I used to reason with people and try and explain why I wouldn’t play them…now I just say “yeh sure that’s an awesome tune” and get on with it…without obviously playing it.

 How do you see Perth growing in the future creatively? Theres no doubt we’re going somewhere. Is there a specific track that you just don’t get sick of and motivates the hell out of you? 

Perth is seriously on the map for music. People all over the world talk about events like Origin and the festival tours we have. We are really lucky to be able to go and see massive artists in the venues we have. Music wise and I swear this isn’t a plug…but a tune that always makes me feel so happy, and is produced by two of my best friend is Trust – Spectrem and Spillage.

Check him out on Facebook, or catch him playing at Shape, well, pretty much every weekend!




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