This week we have local don Elayche on the mix. Studying an EMP course at SAE London, and copping guest classes from the man Icicle himself (I know right?!) he’s brought us an hour of some deep, dark, dungeon ass dubstep.


So Lee, tell us a bit about yourself! When did you start to take interest in bass music?
Umm to cut a long story short, I was into Drum & Bass and some Hardcore bands from about 13 and then at the end of 2007/start of 2008 i started noticing dubstep (Skream, Rusko, Caspa etc.) and then i think about the end of 2008 (could of been the start of 09 i’m terrible with dates) i went to see Spor with Distance on the support, lets just say Distance completely changed my life from that point on. From memory Rekab was on the support so bigups to him as well!

Is there any back story to the name Elayche? What genres do you dabble in?

Not really, my initials are LH so if you say it fast its el-ayche (or el-hayche depending on how you pronounce your H’s i guess) but yeh not a great story.

Are there any main influences that stick out in your head? You delved pretty damn deep for us!

Haha yeh over the last few years I’ve been going progressively deeper and darker but its pretty hard to pinpoint any big influences, if I had too i’d say Chestplate, Tempa, GetDarker, Osiris and Youngsta’s Minimal Mondays on Rinse.

So what took you to the UK? Any significant factors that prompted you to bump over there for a while?

Yeh i’d been wanting to go for ages but i’m so unorganised haha, i really got into the history of dubstep for a long time when i first discovered it and had been researching old tunes and finding out about what FWD and DMZ were like back when it all started etc so i really wanted to go see what it was like over there. Plus i was wanting to do a Music Production course somewhere and was kind of putting it off trying to teach myself and then i met my girlfriend Lydia and she was also wanting to move to london so it all kind of fell into place (plus she’s super organised so i probably wouldn’t of done it without her haha) but yeh it was another life changing thing, did an EMP course at the SAE Institute and got to regularly go to FWD (Plastic People is one of my favourite clubs in the world), all the great nights at Cable (rip) and also SYSTEM (Vivek’s Night) plus was travelling around Europe whenever we could, it was an all round great experience.

Where do you see Perth going in the future with the bass music scene? There’s no doubt we have a high calibre of talent here!
Perth is crazy, theres so much good music being produced and good nights for bass music every single week. I have no idea about the future though, i mean who does really.

Have you supported anyone in the past? Any memorable gigs that stick out in your head?

Umm well lately i was talking to Kutz about the release of a remix he did a about 2 years ago that i was still waiting for and then 2 days later i found out he was in Perth that weekend and i was on the support! after his set he gave me his copy of The Zone EP straight off the platter, i was like a little school girl haha

There’s no doubt DJs at nightclubs are vulnerable to “that guy” and his ignorant requests, have you copped anything ridiculous? Whats the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while you were in the booth?
I haven’t really been asked that many weird requests to be honest, probably the strangest thing was when i was playing the closing set at BigApe and turned around to grab a drink and my girlfriend was asleep on the couch behind me, the music was so fucking loud i don’t know how she was sleeping but whatever.

Cats or Dogs?

Cats are cunts.

Keep up to date with Elayche’s antics!



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