FRIDAY FEATURE #1 – Gran Calavera


We’re proud to give you our first Friday Feature by none other than Perth local heavyweights Gran Calavera. Kicking around the scene for a while, you can find Gran Calavera supporting almost every big name in drum and bass that hits our shores, or sweating it out weekly behind the 1s and 2s at local nights if they arent locked away in the studio.
Providing us with a flawless mix of absolute fire, and a bunch of originals, someone hurry up and sign these guys already.


You guys are illusive as shit, so who exactly is Gran Calavera?

We are 3 blokes from down south Western Australia; Lawrence, Josh and Tony.

Do any of you actually own a Gran Calavera? What made you choose the name?

The name was inspired from the love of an old video game called ‘Grim Fandango’. You can figure the rest out pretty easily from there! You will also find a lot of our track names are referenced from that masterpiece.

Who are your influences and do you dabble in any other genres?

3 heads means a lot of influences outside of drum & bass, but internally we hold artists like Spectrasoul, Foreign Concept, Ulterior Motive, Ivy Lab in a very high regard because of their ablilty to merge deep, soulful and dark sounds into their tracks.. We started making all sorts of styles until we began to hone our current sound. We discovered the tastes that never changed over time where the deep, old school vibes of drum and bass we learnt to mix with.

There’s no doubt Perth is jam packed with talent, where do you see the scene heading?

All directions! We have a huge amount of talent across every style of music right now and what is great about a small city is no matter what genre we most likely know each other and constantly offer feedback to each other. Also big ups to the promoters as always for bringing an inspiring array of artists here on a weekly basis. Sound-wise, we are loving the response the more forward thinking sounds have been starting to get on local dancefloors.

Tony, what did you have for dinner last night?

Roast lamb and BBQ! Big ups the Swan Street crew for the hospitality!

Last one, who have you supported in the past? any memorable gigs that stick out in your head?

We’ve been so lucky with the amount of supports we’ve had, but nothing beats playing for a sold out Metro City. We’ve also met so many heroes but to meet people such as Friction, Kasra and dbridge is phenomenal.




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